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Hello and Welcome to How to Increase Your Vibrations and Remove Negative Energy

Hello and Welcome

Have you ever wonder why the “Law of Attraction” didn’t Work for you? No matter how hard you tried.

I will explain why, negative energy, that you didn’t know you had.

My Story

The year 1999 I was involved in a terrible automobile accident. Riding a bicycle a truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel. When I came too, all I saw was a white light Said to myself oh my God they buried me alive. I was in an enclosed MRI and had no idea what happened. The doctor at the hospital explained to me what saved my life was my muscle mass. At that time I was into body building. As the months went by I started noticing I couldn't enjoy things that I took for granted without feeling a great deal of pain. And if I didn't feel pain I had no feelings in my legs. My sciatic nerve located in my left buttock was crushed, which left me deformed. I fell into a deep depression. Eventually I had to buy an electric motor scooter because I couldn't walk without  pain. I couldn't get out of bed for four years and my depression kept me isolated from the world. Depression, if not taking care of can lead to death.  I became obsess with suicidal thoughts.  I became agoraphobic. Did not leave my home for four years, only to see my Doctor. The man I was living with went to the store and didn't return. The money from the settlement was a joke. My lawyer received over 100,000. And I received 20.000. Weight went up to 270 lb  My Doctor said, " Rose I am going to prescribe a book for you to read". I really thought he was joking, while I was screaming at him. The book he prescribed was "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrme. She now has several I started reading and it started making sense.  In time I took the courage to go outside and take that first step. The next week I took a couple more. Then I was walking a half a block. Within a years time I went down to 140 lbs running 8 miles a day. That is the power of positive thinking.


Today I find it necessary to work on my spirituality.  There’s a piece of the puzzle that is missing.

The man who abandoned me after my accident came back into my life and so did a black cloud. When he left I was happy, my soul was singing. I read the book “The Secret” over and over again. I even adopted a dog so I had a companion to walk with. Everyone said, Rose, your look different. You’re glowing. They wanted to know what I did differently in my life. I credit the book “The Secret”. If I could help one person with the illness of depression. Help people manifest their heart’s desire. My heart will soar, my love for humanity will make my light brighter (soul). The more I read about spirituality the more I realize the better I become that energy is passed on to other people. This will all make sense. The book “The Secret” was based on the book “The Law of Attraction” author Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks.

The more I read the more I realized before I start helping other people the more work I had to do on myself. “The Law of Attraction” became so popular where ever I went people were talking about how much money they had manifest. How happy their lives became. How people found their true love. That’s when I noticed why I couldn’t manifest. Or how come I couldn’t find true love? Questions and more questions, I went on a spiritual search to find the answers. Why the book “The Secret” worked but yet a big piece of the puzzle was missing. How was I really going to help people when my life was such a mess?

People started noticing a change in me when he returned, no longer smiling, no more going out for walks, started isolating. Went back into a depression after all the hard work I’ve done. You see I had a secret, the man that I am living with has a bad temper. He is always blaming me if something is not working, like the iMac computer that I hardly use. I have been living in fear, intimidation, he turned my dog against me. I have to get away from his negative energy. One of the main reason’s why I couldn’t manifest.

The reasons why I couldn’t manifest. Your subconscious mind might be full of negative memories of past life’s you might have had. My mother always said this to me when I was a child. Just because you’re poor that doesn’t mean you have to live in a dirty house. The old tapes that play in the subconscious mind. Thanks to my therapist and positive affirmation I no longer think like that!


This journey is to learn how to manifest and why it works for some people and why it doesn’t work for others. I didn’t realize that when you live with someone they exude negative energy,  jealousy, hate start’s seeping into your positive energy. There is a name for that Energy Vampires. They steal your energy.

This goes for all the women who are living in a negative relationship. People would ask me but how come you don’t move out? Living on a fix income SSI check didn’t cover my lot rent. My therapist asked me how come you don’t get a roommate? Living in a one bedroom there is no space for a roommate. This is how working on spirituality helps keeps the black cloud at bay.

The research I have done is to help people to manifest a better life. It takes hard work.  The willingness to change. Total commitment.

With the help of therapy and a great therapist. One of her favorite authors is Esther Hicks,  she gave me this book to read “Ask and It Is Given” “which represents the teachings of the nonphysical entity Abraham, will help you learn how to manifest your desires so that you’re living the joyous and fulfilling life you deserve”. At the end of the book is a series of practices to help you change the perspective of life and learn new positive thinking habits. Even thou I read all seven books “The Law of Attraction” is a seven book series. I still wasn’t able to manifest my dreams. Even opened a Facebook group “Ester & Jerry Hicks the authors of ‘ the Law of Attraction” series. I also belonged to “The Law of Attraction” Facebook group. People were manifesting and I couldn’t win a dollar. Then I found a lot of people who had the same problem.

Started exercising again, kept my distance from my companion, put on headphones and listen to positive affirmations. Stayed in different rooms. So his negative energy wouldn’t sap my positive energy.

Author, Kyle Gray is my favorite because he opened my heart to love. Opened my mind to the many possibilities the universe has to offer. Taught me how to increase my vibrations. Increasing your vibrations is like increasing your energy tenfold. I believe now I’m able to manifest. Now is the time for my dreams to come true. Kyle Gray CD program “Angel Prayer Meditations” taught me how to meditate. To become one with self, today I can say I love myself and I deserve the good thing’s life has to offer including love! Quote from Kyle Gray – ” Love is the strongest feeling in the world” These are three books I recommend by Kyle Gray all five-star reviews. “Raise Your Vibration: 111 Practices To Increase Your Spiritual Connection,” “Angel Prayer Meditation” CD audio, “Light Warrior: Connecting with the Spiritual Power of Fierce Love”. I was taught smudging from his book “Raise Your Vibration” where your light sage and burn it through the house and then let someone burn the sage all over you. Reason removes negative energy.  Love is the strongest feeling in the world it keeps harmful energy at bay.

This is what worked for me to remove my negative energy.  Author, Louise Hay said in time the negative thoughts, negative feelings, the old tapes, the negative energy that’s hiding in your subconscious mind. Eventually, with positive affirmations, the negative energy will dissipate in time. Louise Hay had breast cancer. She did not want to go through the medical field. She did not want to poison her body. Though positive affirmations and telling herself how much she loves herself. Eating good healthy food, within 3 months cancer disappeared. She was aware that the cancer was gone before the doctors told her. Learning how to forgive increases your vibrations the universe opens itself to you. They have workshops on how to remove negative Karma. There are some people who believe your carry negative energy from your past lives. I wish I can put an audio meditation by Kari Samuels’ “Soul of Wealth” Audio Class. There’s a lot of video’s on YouTube teaching you how to remove negative energy. There are two things that all the authors recommend, removed the negative people from your life. End any negative relationships. Start loving yourself. These are the positive affirmations I say to myself when I pass a mirror. Look at me and say you are a beautiful woman. You have a loving heart. I am lovable. I am an intelligent woman. I deserve the finer things in life. Be grateful. Today I am grateful that I found this magnificent job on the internet that I will start living a prosperous life. I am so grateful to the Universe. My Guardian Angel Chakakiah.  To all the author’s book I read.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

Love & Light

Rose M. Palinkas